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Now its easy to take bike routes with you while biking and look up routes on the go.

We just released an update that introduces a mobile, web-based version of Bikesy. It auto-detects if you are on a mobile device and shows you the mobile version. You can view the mobile version in your desktop browser at Mobile Bikesy works on all smartphones (iPhone, Android and possibly many other mobile devices).

The mobile version of Bikesy has all of the same features as normal bikesy. It shows an elevation profile (if your device supports SVG), map and turn by turn directions for three different safety scenarios. You can select your hill preference, and geolocation works great on your mobile device.

On iPhone, if you want to make it easy to fire up Bikesy mobile, you can make it into an icon on your homescreen. Just browse to, click the + button and tap Add to Home Screen. A high quality icon will be added to your homescreen.

Send us your feedback on mobile bikesy at or leave a comment below.

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