Bikesy Source

We like open source. uses an open source trip planning engine, open map data from OpenStreetMap and we’ve made our front end open source too.  A version of Bikesy can be easily deployed for any area of the world that has data available on OpenStreetMap.  We also allow open access to our San Francisco Bay Area route server via an API.

Bikesy Front End

Our frontend is open source and available on github.

Bikesy’s front end relies on Google Maps API, jQuery and Google Chart Tools. You can grab out code and run it locally and it will work right of the box, the front end uses our API to get its data.

Bikesy Back End

Our backend is open source and available on github.

Bikesy’s backend is powered by GraphServer, an open source multimodal trip planning engine.  We used the Contraction Hierarchies branch of GraphServer and made a few changes to take into account additional OpenStreetMap keys covering bike infrastructure and routes.  You can get a copy of our version of GraphServer on github.

Bikesy API

We have an API.